Southeast Asia Creative Camp 2018

Southeast Asia Creative Camp 2018

Future Careers for Youth

6-12 May 2018, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Hosted by Department of Technical and Vocational Education

Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia

Back to back with the Indonesian Skills Competition (LKS SMK 2018)


About SEA Creative Camp 2018

Since the launch of ASEAN integration in 2015, all Southeast Asian countries have positioned Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the mainstream of education systems and setting it as a priority in their education agenda in view of the fact that this type of education plays an important role in the socio-economic development of a nation (Paryono, 2013). In addition, TVET has been identified as one of the seven priority areas in education in Southeast Asia, which were agreed at the Strategic Dialogue of Education Ministers (SDEM) meeting in September 2014.


According to the 2nd High Officials Meeting (HOM) SEA-TVET in May 2016, hosted by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia and the 3rd HOM on SEA-TVET in May 2017, hosted by Ministry of Education, Malaysia highlighted the regional strategies to improve 21st skills, global competitiveness, innovative and creativity of students. Besides the issues of creative industry, industry 4.0, digital careers and trends of future work were recommended to be integrated in TVET education and prepare our Southeast Asian youth with the advanced knowledge and skills which are necessary for our youth and TVET students for their future careers in globalization.


In response to the above regional policy directions and recommendations from the high officials’ meetings, the Department of Technical and Vocational Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia in cooperation with SEAMEO will organise the SEA CREATIVE CAMP: Future Careers for Youth in 6-12 May 2018, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.


The event will be organized back to back with the Indonesian Skills Competition (LKS SMK 2018) on 6-12 May 2018.



The objectives of the SEA-Creative Camp are as follows:

  • To provide intermediate-advanced technical and vocational knowledge and skills in areas of advanced technology, entrepreneurship and competencies to youths and TVET students
  • To promote global competitiveness and 21st century skills of students required for their future careers
  • To encourage creativity and share ideas/practices and innovative projects among the participants
  • To establish career networking platforms among the specialised group of youths/students/teachers
  • Online Workshops

Prior to the event in May, the 5 Online Workshops will be conducted during February-April 2018 for providing basic-intermediate knowledge and skills of the following programmes to the massive number of TVET and high school students:

  1. Online Entrepreneurship
  2. Multimedia : Augmented Reality (AR) and Educational Game Development
  3. 2D Animation
  4. Urban Agriculture
  5. Online Modeling Tourism Promotion

The registration for the above 5 online workshops will be opened at the beginning of January 2018. The deadline of registration is 25 January 2018.

The training sessions of 5 workshops will be conducted during February- March 2018. At the end of the workshops, the competition will be conducted by evaluating the product outputs/prototypes created by participants.

The winners from the competitions will receive the monetary prizes, token of appreciation, certificate and special invitation to join the SEA-Creative Camp in Indonesia on 6-12 May 2018. The accommodation and meals will be supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia.


For more detail information, please check the Online Workshop section.



Participants of Online Training Workshops

It is expected that the online training workshop will involve the participation of TVET and secondary school students and teachers from Southeast Asian countries, namely, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Timor Leste, and Vietnam.

  • 400 youths and TVET students from Indonesia
  • 200 youths and TVET students from other Southeast Asian countries
  • Teachers
  • 50 Young start-ups/entrepreneurs who are 15-21 years old.


Requirements for participants in the Camp:

  • Outside Indonesia:15-21 years old; Indonesian: TVET Students
  • Have interest in the future knowledge, advanced technology, creative industry, entrepreneurship
  • Good command in English communication
  • Studying in Secondary School, Non-formal Education, TVET Schools/Colleges, Universities or working in industry
  • The study areas of youths and students are not limited.
  • The participants can be students, young TVET teachers, young entrepreneurs, young industry workers
  • Participants should have minimum knowledge and skills as required by each workshop


Date and Venue

The event will be organized for 5 days tentatively on 6-12 May 2018, back to back with the Indonesian Skills Competition (LKS SMK 2018).

Meeting Venue: Hotel Lombok Raya, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Hotel: Hotel Lombok Raya, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia


For more detail information, please check Event Venue section.



No Registration Fee

There is free of charge to participate in the online workshops. However, at the end of the online workshop, participants are required to submit the following learning outputs:

  • Submit the completed project output/product prototype to the instructors
  • Report the advancement/achievement after attending the training course
  • Actively participate in the networking platform of each specialization


Overall Expected Outputs

At the end of the event, the expected outputs are as follows:

  • Report of the event
  • Consolidation of product prototype, developed by participants
  • Website of the event and report from participants
  • Networking platform of participants by specialization

Funding Support

DTVE, Ministry of Education and Culture is pleased to support the following expenses to all local and international participants which are the winners of each online workshops to join the event on 6-12 May 2018:

  1. No registration fee to participate in the event
  2. Accommodation of 4 nights, 5 Days on 6-12 May 2018
  3. Lunch, coffee breaks, and dinner during 6-12 May 2018
  4. Monetary prizes for the winners of 5 on-line training programmes and competition

Note: Airfare ticket of the participants should be supported by the students/parents/colleges.

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